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23 November 2020 Monday. 13:57:12 UTC
Lucas Teller,Elliot Edward Cohen
Last November Elliot contacted me he said that he’s from I told him what had happened that a person called Lucas Keller took my money, some of 60,000 euros in Germany, and disappeared, Elliot said he’ll get his lawyers to retrieve the money from invebest in Germany they said that they retrieved the money in May, 74,000 and put it in mr trader and they invested it in bitcoins which is why it went to 74,000 euros in the meantime they were asking me for more money for tax 20% which is 12,000 pounds later on Edward Cohen and he says I have to pay more tax in order to transfer the money into my account so I sent him another 12,000 and then he said that he put it in blockchain and then said I have to pay another tax because I have to bring the money into the UK and in the meantime I had a extra 10,000 in blockchain which they were trading in bitcoins so they increased the money to 80,000 all together, the money in mister trader and the money in blockchain Edwards says that he’ll transfer the money into my account which never arrived then he disappeared.
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