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16 June 2021 Wednesday. 07:47:09 UTC
OTC Pay, MoonPay USA LLC, Binance Holdings Ltd
I started having contact with a broker, Tony Justin, and started using their platform. Otc Online Trader is what he told me he is. He promised me I would make a lot of money. He also said for us to get married. They told me I could withdraw funds, but I wasn’t able to withdraw them. I was told I had to buy 20000 USDT in order to prevent users from laundering money on the OTC platform, the system detects that because my deposit is cross-border funds, there is suspicion of money laundering. So, I needed to pay an account risk deposit of 20000, and pay after the deposit is deposited, the withdrawal can be processed, and the deposit and account funds will be paid out for me together. They told me I had to buy more USDT and transfer it to my wallet, to pay personal income tax, and personal tax. The scammer told me to use Moonpay or Binance and Coinbase, and then the OtcPay app. They used the word “risk deposit” recently. The scammer promised me I wouldn’t lose a penny; he didn’t warn me about any risk or possible losses. I tried to withdraw, but when I tried, it was pending approval. And moments later when I checked, it was declined. My account is still open. He told me that he was going to teach me about trading. The scammer explained to me with screenshots how to buy crypto and send it to Otc. He also “taught” me how to trade in Otc. He explained how to buy in Binance. He suggested that on a particular day trading would be best and that there were trading points. He told me he could lend me money at one point, and I could ask for a loan. He placed trades for me. He usually said that “He’ll make a plan for me” and I just agreed with him. My account changed to a Senior VIP account. I haven’t been able to recover my funds.
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