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09 June 2021 Wednesday. 11:15:39 UTC
There was information on my Facebook, how to invest money in the stock market with a personal analyst. I sent them a request that I’m interested in. Later Damian Czechowski called me and told me how the cooperation works. Said 24/7 care of analyst and profit guaranteed. As their system has barriers, I was assured I won’t lose any money. He said the broker fees are 7% and it will be deducted from the funds once I withdraw, and that triple profit guarantee. They said I have 24/7 access to my wallet and I can withdraw in a week's time. I first paid PLN 29617, and after 4 days the amount was doubled and Damian recommended to invest again, I paid PLN 38796. Then I was informed by Sebastian Kowalczyk who is the Account officer that I can ask for a withdraw. TO do this I have to pay the broker`s commission which they never informed me about. After I paid they said ill receive my money in 24 hours which I didn’t. They said my found were still working and made profits, therefore, I have to pay another 2%. The other payments came up and I was asked to make a LocalBitcoins account to authentic my cash flow. I transferred to that account £6000 and I was told because I didn’t provide information it's my fault. Everything was through Anydesk with Marcin Sage's help. Then they asked me to make a transaction of £1750 with a confirmation which I provided to them. Then they said the police has blocked my account therefore the transaction was not possible, then they asked me to pay more money which I denied doing.
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