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22 January 2019 Tuesday. 12:07:52 UTC
blackmail scam
"Anonymous Hacker - Dovie" <[email protected]>
You have the last chance to save your social life - I am not kidding!! I give you the last 72 hours to make the payment before I send the video with your masturbation to all your friends and associates. My program has turned on your camera and recorded your act of Masturbation and the video you were masturbating to. My software also downloaded all your email contact lists and a list of your Facebook friends. If you want me to delete both files and keep your secret, send 2000 USD to this Bitcoin address immediately: 3AynkjRXzGZM91dLRGTQLgKAUQqdDBNHtG send exactly 0.589276 BTC to the address above. Dovie Anonymous Hacker P.S. If you need more time to buy and send 0.589276 BTC, open your notepad and write '48h plz'. I will consider giving you another 48 hours before I release the vid, but only when I really see you are struggling to buy bitcoin.
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