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14 March 2021 Sunday. 14:55:43 UTC
Ricardo Manuel Valfreixo Fernandes
Dear, I am a Croatian student who was scammed by a man called Ricardo Manuel Valfreixo Fernandes who is supposedly an owner of this bitcoin number. He offered us an apartment in Krakow, Poland as we were going there to spend a semester as Erasmus+ students (me and my colleague). He asked for 700€ both fom me and my frient, which is total of 1400€. He wanted us to pay this on his bitcoin account and he gave us this adress: 3AzYbQvmycUrRzL7nfUpkw53Zdi5Gyp6XS. But since for us 1400€ was a lot of money, and we never used bitcoin before we decided at the end that we will do a bank transfer. Anyway, after some days we arrived to Krakow and realised that the apartment promissed to us bay a man so called Ricardo Manuel Valfreixo Fernandes doesnt exist, also mrs. Ricardo barely responded and refused to give us our money back. We are not sure he is the person he says he is, but maybe you should check up on him and his account as he might be using it to perform scams and steal from the other people. We have his ID and we reported him to the police, bit the whole process is taking time...
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