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15 June 2021 Tuesday. 07:27:48 UTC
I saw an advertisement on the internet about only business, after a couple of days I got calls from different people from Then I started with 250€, but people were managing my account since I had no experience. A lady Laura Alison kept calling me when to buy and sell. Then she told me to buy BTC since it's easier to trade with, and the more I buy the more bonus I’ll receive from the company. So, I bought 14250€ worth BTC, but a few days later she put it into trading without my concern. She then kept pushing me to put more money, which I didn’t want to. I wanted to withdraw but she refused, said I have to earn more money. I put 7500€ and asked her to buy stocks but she again put into trading, few days later it went into a big minus which I wanted to close but laura said I shouldn`t and the company to not lose my account and keep the trading open, will lend me 10000€. The next day I earned all the money back so I told her to take from my account the 10000€, but she refused and said I cannot withdraw until I pay that money back. That didn’t sound right to me so I made my research of the company and realized I have been scammed. I closed my tradings and Laura kept calling me for the money, which I still refused to pay. I still have $20000 in my account, which I cannot withdraw.
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