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20 January 2021 Wednesday. 10:37:21 UTC
Broker Unity;
In 04.09.2020 I was looking on Bitcoin UP. I wanted to invest in Bitcoin after i fill the Registration on Site then Sofie Feiber Sofie Feiber , Kontomanagerin +41345083211 ,she registered me and asked me to make a transfer of 250 to start the trading account. And I did throught the Bank: BE53 9740 5613 7953 , SWIFT/BIC: PESOBEB1, Name des Empfängers: NEMARAM KULIYA, Verwendungszweck- 2637 , 250 Euro , after 2 days they received the money and opened for me a Trade account on Kode Tech Solutions MT4 Terminal whit the nummer 2109624071 , from there I got called by Emil Hansen Broker der deutschen Abteilung Brokerunity LTDTel.: +41345083212 EMail: [email protected] who speak in German whit me on 07.09.2020 he contact me on phone and mail. In 09.09.2020 he sent me one link to download AnyDesk to show me what to do and help me with trade and take money from me . We make some trades and he show me some profit from 250 euro to 500 in one or two days. In 07.10.2020 I Asked for 8000 Euro withdraw and then things changed they asked for taxe for money to send to them and 10% commission of company 20% they say $1,882.77 for taxes and 941.30$ for company I send the money my last money from Postbank in hope of getting that 8000 euro. I asked again and again and one so called Jonas becker, from the Financial department of Broker Unity say he will help me take a credit in Romania to not ask them for money anymore that was last drop. I asked Emil Hansen more often until in 29.10.2020 when he called me and said we need to make a trade whit aluminium to make a lot of profit to take the credit out. I let him do the trade whit Anydesk. The trade he made was -35000 dolars and destroyed all the profit I made was at 48000 $ in Trade. The next day no one is calling me no one answer anywhere and my balance account of trade was -5.000.000$.
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