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03 May 2021 Monday. 10:49:25 UTC
ForexTime Limited
I received a call and an email from Ramesh Vijay, he said he is calling from He said with his company and help I can make a huge income. He said I can start with $2000, and in two weeks I can withdraw my money from the account. I liked the idea and he was o convincing so on the 17th of November I deposited the money. He said hell manage my account therefore he knew my passport and email. A couple of days later I checked my account and saw it was going up and up. When the two weeks we agreed came, he said I have to pay his fee and also for some Tax, so I did. After that, he was trying to ask for more and more money from me but I didn’t want to pay because I knew I have been scammed, so he disappeared. Therefore, I contacted a recovery company with binary options. Ethan Zachary took my case and said he can help me to recover my money or even more. I Had to pay to set up my account. A couple of days later he said they recovered $ 120000 but for that, I have to create an only bank account with the name of and that I have to pay some fees and taxes in order to receive the full amount. In the upcoming weeks, I paid every time for fees and taxes because I didn’t want to lose my money. One time when I couldn’t pay more and I mentioned this to them, they said to get a loan. Of course, I didn’t want to have a loan and I asked for a refund which they refuse to do. Since that time I didn’t communicate with them. Also ForexTime Limited claims that they are regulated by 5 or 6 authorities (The company is also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK with number 600475.).
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