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21 July 2020 Tuesday. 17:43:52 UTC
blackmail scam
Hello! Do not be surprised we get this email from which we do not want to mention the name of our group. We already know all your identities, what you do on the Internet, your activities and we know the full address of your stay. We send this to warn you!, our group will come to your house and cause chaos. In the next 7 days with a time that is unknown to you, we will act on one of these days! if you don't want this to happen you have to redeem as much as we want, which is $ 500 in Bitcoin. if you don't know bitcoin, look for a tutorial on sending bitcoin on Google and send it to the redemption address. Bitcoin Address of redemption: 3CRWdHbbQ7jYY4LKZigYRDD6SmTxS6yjY2 Note:*if you report to the authorities, sorry we are too smart to delete the track and we will not be touched this will make you more difficult and there will be further terror in your family if this happens* We hope that chaos will not occur if you redeem it. If not, just wait for the chaos to occur and we will not hesitate to hurt anyone!
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