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03 November 2021 Wednesday. 15:31:11 UTC
Clever Trade
There was an advertisement on Facebook regarding crypto. I filled the form with my name, phone number, and email. The next day Adam Newman called me and said he`s an account manager at Clever-Trade. HE told me he`ll help me how to trade and recover if the market will go bad and promised me to make a good profit, also he said the company is legit. HE showed me the website and the withdrawal system and said I can withdraw whenever I want to. Then I deposited $250 to start to trade. Then we opened MetaTrader through AnyDesk with his help. Then I started to lose money so he advised me to put more money, So I deposited more than $5000, then again, another $10000 to not lose my account. Then I wanted to withdraw but every time I requested it my account started to lose, so my request was disapproved every time. Then he told me to deposit more, but I didn`t have money so he advised me to ask for a loan and in the meantime, they would put $10000 or 20000 to not lose my account. Then my account reached $60000 and he said if I will be able to raise it to $75000 he would make me a VIP and would have insurance on my account. Then I asked for a withdraw and Oliver De Wit from the finance department said I need to pay 12% tax. I asked for a loan and made this payment to the company. After they asked me to pay another $15531.59 because I need to cover the difference, hoping it`s the last payment I manage to send this money to the company. Then another email that my money is in blockchain and in order to release in have to 1.5% reserve fee. I paid then I waited 3 days but after 3 days the verification they said failed, now they asked me to pay the BTC difference which is $8832. At this point, I realized I have been scammed.
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