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12 December 2020 Saturday. 10:49:58 UTC
United Kingdom
I obtained the address of the scammer who was targeting a few people. This is the TG conversation I had with him: ₿↝ Estavi ↜₿, [11.12.20 23:44] Hello ₿↝ Estavi ↜₿, [11.12.20 23:45] Let me know when you are available. There is something I need you to do. Me [12.12.20 10:31] What do you need Estavi? ₿↝ Estavi ↜₿, [12.12.20 10:31] Are you available Me [12.12.20 10:32] Kind of. What do you need? ₿↝ Estavi ↜₿, [12.12.20 10:32] How fast can you make it to any nearby grocery store ,there are some listed client i need to send some EBay card to let me know if you can Me, [12.12.20 10:34] 2 minutes. How much and shall I use the company credit card? ₿↝ Estavi ↜₿, [12.12.20 10:35] Yes ₿↝ Estavi ↜₿, [12.12.20 10:35] They are needed to be sent out now. The type of card I need is Ebay gift card. $100 denominations I need 100 X 1400. You might not be able to buy all in one store. So you can get them from different stores. When you get the card scratch off the silver code panel behind them, take a picture of them and attach them here. Keep the physical cards and receipt for reimbursement Me, [12.12.20 10:36] Company card is a bit empty this month. Can you send me the usual monthly expenditure of 0.4 Bitcoin. Then I'll send it straight over, ₿↝ Estavi ↜₿, [12.12.20 10:37] [In reply to Me] Can’t do any transfer at the moment ₿↝ Estavi ↜₿, [12.12.20 10:37] How much bitcoin do you have now Me, [12.12.20 10:39] 0.124. But I can loan you 9 more if you send me your address? ₿↝ Estavi ↜₿, [12.12.20 10:40] Ok ₿↝ Estavi ↜₿, [12.12.20 10:40] 3D2vQcJWqXiUkQiEEHfguXNeZnrxtRpiEE ₿↝ Estavi ↜₿, [12.12.20 10:40] That’s wallet address
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