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12 August 2021 Thursday. 08:16:14 UTC
Trade360, BITCOIN SYSTEM, Digital C Media
I saw an advertisement on Facebook I clicked on it and got a call from to open an account and start trading. They told me if I deposit $500, I can start to trade. Then Brian Fox called me and said he`ll be my account manager, asked me to download AnyDesk to show me the website. Said there's no risk involved and I can withdraw anytime. Said I should open an account on so I can transfer money. I didn`t know its BTC as the website mentioned PayPal, so I put £3443.09 and £5050. Whenever he called me, he mentioned different opportunities where I can have bigger investments and profits. Then I had to open an account on Binance, so I won`t have transfer fees he said. With his help (AnyDesk) I deposited £16000 and transferred it to the website. He showed me how I can withdraw, and $500 was back into my Binance account, therefore I had trust in them. He downloaded MTX4 into my pc so I didn’t have to go to the website every time. He said I have to secure my account by depositing more money, and once I have profits I can withdraw. I refused but he kept pushing me so I deposited £9553. Days later he started to say again I have to secure my account, which I refused, and also that to take a loan which he advises me with. HE kept pushing me and to not lose the account I deposited. My account went very low and I refused to despot more but a man Tom Brown called me and said he`s the boss of Biran and I have a lot of money into my account to lose it. He said if I deposit £18000 he would give me credits and I can withdraw which will be in my account in 10 days, I didn’t have another choice so I went with it. I then asked for a withdraw 3 times but nothing was coming through. Brian emailed me since but I stopped communication with them.
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