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26 April 2021 Monday. 13:54:23 UTC
Ark Management
06 August 2020 - I received a cold call from a person named Jamie Thompson. He said he was calling from a company called He said it would only cost 250USD, and I could start making money, which I agreed to. I transferred the money and he then put me onto a personal Financial Advisor called Christopher Emerson. I agreed after a period of time to transfer more funds, and with Christopher’s help on ‘Any desk’, this was completed. Everything went well. Christopher then told me he needed an operation, and I was handed on to another financial advisor by the name of Natalie Wood. I traded with Natalie, and deposited more funds with the promise of better signals/bigger profits, which showed on the platform. We got to a point on their platform where she said we couldn’t go any further, unless I went “VIP” The profit showing total of 69,132.97Euro at this stage. I said I wished to withdraw the money instead, and that was when they demanded a 25% liquidation fee to release funds to my CEX.10 wallet. I paid 17,000Euro as a fee. The last deposit was made on 29 Jan 2021 through CEX wallet, then emails went quiet – no more correspondence! 18 Feb 2021 - There have now been more than 15 working days without any reply from Coinibank. I am very upset, as I have foolishly invested all my own and my partner’s savings in this.
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