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23 November 2021 Tuesday. 13:40:56 UTC
Brisk Trade Mining, BitVest
I received a friend request on Instagram from Michael Richard, he told me he`s a US Soldier. Quickly he asks me to change to ‘’Hangout ‘’ for some security reason. After a while, he started to talk about money and told me he knows the BTC Chinese market and He could actually help me become rich. I didn’t know anything about BTC, he explained to me with 3.000€, I can make a huge profit. I told him I don’t have that much money in my bank account but I can send him 100€. It was through an application called Luno. A few days later, he told me it wasn’t enough and have to find a solution to send him money as the BTC was going up for the next days to come. The second deposit was 1000€ on Luno. He started to become more demanding and sent me more and more messages to calm him down I sent him 400€. In the meantime, he asked me to move to ‘’ WhatsApp’. He kept on changing numbers. He also kept on talking about a company called Brisk trade mining and I have to create an account on his website, he told me it would be easier for me to see how my investment is going very well. So, I create an account and receive a message from apparently his boss, then I sent him 4000€ but this time he asked me to find an ATM because the sending will instantly be in his crypto wallet. I felt that something is off. I asked him multiple times to send me my trade as I have completed what he asked but every time he had always something. He said: it is not the time BCT is going up. Many times, I told him I had enough of him and to give me my money back but he played the mean guy and stop talking to me. The last deposit was 2000€. He told me in order to get my full trade back I had to send him a last deposit as a charge. Which I did. ‘’ Michael Richard ‘’ has turned my life upside down.
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