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07 June 2019 Friday. 18:12:25 UTC
Твой кошмар - Info <[email protected]>
I think you will not be happy because I have very bad news for you. Just a few months ago (06/03/2019) I hacked your operating system and I have full control of your device. I implanted a small application onto your device which sends me your current IP address and allows me to connect to your device just like remote desktop. Even if you change your password, it won’t help. How I infected you? The router that you used to connect to the Internet had a security hole. You can read about this problem by searching for CVE-2018-10562. I hacked your router and I put my code into it, and when you tried to connect to the Internet, my program infected your device. If you want me to forget about the whole case, remove the files and disable the nasty app that is spying you, send me the Bitcoin payment within 72 hours. Yes, I give you 72 hours only. Here is my wallet: Send exactly 0.299375 BTC to my address: 3Dto7dEzkUxYw2S4sUwiT7uBmSyaxuEMry
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