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12 August 2021 Thursday. 09:38:15 UTC
There was an AD on amazon about making money, it said I only have to deposit £30 and I would have an account manager to help me to start, and make huge profits. Kevin Chamberlin contacted me from the company FINETRO and said he`s my account manager, said I have to download Binance wallet to pay for trading. He set up my account and asked or AnyDesk to guide me through the process. He set up my account and I made a deposit of £1732. After a week he told me BTC was up and I should invest more to have big profits so I made another deposit of £3500. He asked me to show him my bank account to see where I can get a loan, but I refused so he transferred me to another account manager. My new account manager Anthony Cooper called me and apologized because of Kevin, he said he will help me to trade from now on. He said to maintain my account and have good trades I should invest £20000, I agreed with it. My account started to be in a heavy loss so I asked for a withdraw and that to close the account, Anthony told me I have to make more investment and I cannot withdraw with an account that is in the loss. Anthony got sick so I got transferred to Dan Holtman. HE told me there is the big number on the account which require further investments at least £14500, because I used my saving, I applied for a loan hoping I can withdraw my money and close the account. I made the deposit and Anthony informed me the finance department will pay me out in a few days, which didn’t happen. Then they transferred me to Derek Jones and he told me the bank will not release the found until I pay the Capital gains TAX of £10000, a few days later he came back to me with a higher amount of £10300.000, and I did pay that. Micheal Chauncey called me and said the company will not pay me out since my account didn’t reach the minimum level and requires more investments, which I didn’t agree with. Since that time he keeps calling me but I refuse to communicate with them.
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