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29 March 2021 Monday. 14:00:39 UTC
BSB Global
After I was searching on the internet about BTC a person Justin Heck called me from BSB Global. He said I can start with only $250, and I can make good money from it. When I deposited the money another person Gabriel Fletcher contacted me said he`s going to be my account manager. I told him since the beginning I have no experience in trading. In the three months, I was trading with him, he reached me to deposit a big amount of money, and have big profits on my account. He sometimes told me there were some problems with international taxes but always told me that I have to not worry about them he`ll solve everything. He once suggested me to send the money from Commonwealth Bank since I had trouble sending money abroad. He also set up a CoinSpot account in my name so I sent money through that as well. He made all the accounts under my name but he was controlling them. Nearly to the end, he took $4000 from my bank account after he hung up on me because I comforted him about the number I could see on my account. That was the last communication with him! I have invested altogether 1392941 AUD, which I haven’t received back till now.
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