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10 June 2021 Thursday. 10:39:09 UTC
Mega Nation's Trade
I was referred to Mr. Cooper Leo Jaxon on the 26th December 2020 on YouTube. He told me to communicate through Facebook messenger and I told him I was interested in stocks. He said he can help me to invest and I can make a big amount of profit. Since I didn’t have a BTC wallet he asked my location to find me the most suitable one, he told me to download Based on his instructions I created my wallet, then he said the minimum amount to start with is £5000 and the minimum profit generated is £4700. Then he asked me to make an account at He told me to send from my wallet to the platform the money. HE told me the chance to lose is almost impossible since BTC value was at least 1 trillion USD. We agreed I can withdraw my money after 7 days period of training. Then I bought £17000 worth of BTC and transfer it since I saw my account was grooving and had trust in the company. Then I asked for a withdraw which Leo said I have to pay a 15% commission fee in advance, which I didn’t do since we never agreed on this. Since that, I couldn’t withdraw my money.
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