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07 December 2021 Tuesday. 16:16:40 UTC
CV Capital Trade
I watched a video on YouTube about updates on Cardano and there was a comment about a girl who helped them to trade and grow profits in Crypto. I got the contact for Lena Meredith on telegram and we start to chat. She asked me if I have the experience I said no, but he said he`ll help me with everything, she will give me strategies to make a lot of profits from BTC. She said she`ll help me to grow my money and at the end of the trading session (7-14 trading days) we would have a sharing % of 85:15%, to which I agreed. She said, “ I provide as much as 10-15 trades daily with a minimum profit rate of $1-30k depending on your account size”. She then sent me a platform where we can trade it was Cvcapital, then she told me to purchase BTC from but since I already had a crypto account, we agreed we going to use that so from that I always sent the money to the account. We started to trade then I received a message saying that I exceed the maximum on my account and from now on I would need a license to continue trading. Then I received an email from Judith J. from International Trading Certificate support that my application was been processed. Then they sent me another email saying I have to pay $23621 for a trading permit, and that my account will be suspended for inactivity within 24H. Then Lena messaged me that I have to pay, and she started to blame me, then I opened another account and Lena lost all my money on that. I realized I have been scammed.
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