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23 August 2021 Monday. 04:36:16 UTC
"DO NOT TRANSFER CRYPTO OR MONEY! Do not trust this website. This is a pig butchering scam(research about it) by Chinese individuals. If you read this don’t deposit any crypto or money despite your scammer will say it’s not a scam. Tactic: They go after dating sites, establish a romance then ask you to trade so you will have money together for future, but in fact, all the crypto you transfer goes directly to their wallet, and all you have is a fake asset and gain that is not withdrawable, instead ask you more to unlock your account, pay taxes, pay fees until you give all your money, and then they disappear. How they win your trust on the app: They will let you withdraw your funds first, but they will tell there is a node coming(big node etc etc), and they will ask you to put it back, and if you don't have money anymore, they ask you to loan in the bank, borrow from friends. Please separate money from romance, and don't trust people you haven't met personally. They are bunch of scammers. Note: when you say to your partner/contact it's a scam, they will make fool of this or you. Warning: Do not download the app, it's a phishing app as well stealing data from your phone from saved credit card info to passwords." """DO NOT TRANSFER MONEY TO PERSON YOU HAVEN'T MET EVEN IF YOU FELL IN LOVE FOR THEM SO BAD."" SCAM Romance Scam Pig Butchering Scam Sha Zhu Pan Investment Scam"
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