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21 August 2019 Wednesday. 22:31:17 UTC
N1ghTm4r3 <[email protected]>
United States
Below is the message I received: ======================== Do you really think it was some kind of joke or that you can ignore me? I can see what you are doing, pedo. Stop SHOPPING and fucking around, your time is almost over. Yea, I know what you were doing on Saturday. I am observing you. Because you think you are smarter and can disregard me, I am posting the 4 videos I recorded with you masturbating to kids right now. I will upload the videos I acquired along with some of your details to the online forum. I am sure they will love to see you in action, and you will soon discover what we do with pedophiles like you. If you do not fund this bitcoin address with 5.000 USD by next Friday, i will contact your relatives and everybody on your contact lists and show them your pedophilia recordings. Here are the newctransfer details: Send: 0.49115286 BTC to this Bitcoin address: 3PQAgb6i28cgqpMFGUxn63gWHfLhkgJDhW
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