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29 January 2021 Friday. 09:11:38 UTC
July, I found Promarkets and believed 250$ would be good to give a try as I was interested in bitcoins. Andy Klein called me from Promarkets online, said he is my account manager and will advise me in every steps. Said I must add 2000$ order to make some money, so I did that. Showed the webtrader account and said would guide me through everything. Asked me all about my family, what work I did, what money I would be using, what investments I had, if I owned my own home, how much I needed to live on a month. He showed me how I can make 312€. He called me and said I must deposit 2715€ to be on the apple deal. So, I did, after that he showed me, I made 1344€ bonus. He told me I should deposit 1637€ which I did, a couple of days later asked me to deposit 28701 which I did. I got a bonus of 2380€ on the same day. August, I wanted to withdraw my money and he showed me how can I do that and let me withdraw 100€. After, again told me to deposit 15952€ otherwise I would lose my money. Said to make bigger money he put 147.000€ bonus on my account. I again asked to withdraw my money, but they didn’t let me. Asked me to deposit 38787€ and after 39967€, which I did. By now I didn’t know what to do order to get back my money. September. they put 45.000€ bonus to keep my account going. After that they asked me to put another 13548 and 16400€ otherwise my account would be closed. It was literally my last of money, I didn’t feel like I have any choice, since they didn’t let me to whitradw and if I don’t put more money, I would lose all I had deposited so far. They kept losing on my account. Promised to make US$75,000 profit for me and promised that I would only be risking US$20,0QQs$50,000 at the very most. Through the financial department I tried to withdraw my money a couple of times but I heard nothing back from them. I sent a couple of emails regarding to withdraw my money but I haven’t heard anything from them since that time.
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