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04 April 2019 Thursday. 13:36:37 UTC
blackmail scam
ATTENTION! You are screwed now
Your device was recently infected with a software I developed, and now you have a problem you need to solve, because it has gone too far.. ... *********************************************** Send 2,000 USD worth of bitcoin to this address: 0.401462 BTC to this address: 3PZoDWNdZJYpdgqAvwHDq6GU3fPUC4eBk6 (copy and paste it - it's cAsE sensitive) *********************************************** After you send the money to my wallet (exact amount!) - I will see it and I will remove the video and deactivate the rec software. I give you 5 days only to send the transfer.. The time starts ticking after you open this letter (I included a pixel in this message and I will know when you read it). Don't try to contact me - I am using an untracable email to deliver this message to you. I am waiting for your cash. And don't forget the shame if you ignore me. Tomiko
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