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24 April 2020 Friday. 19:08:32 UTC
blackmail scam
Lexine Keohan
Transfer $1000 in bitcoin to the following address (remove***from it): bc1***q2uyffkaqya52wscl6kfvwm3ge3t57nxd8kqzr0 You may be questioning why the hell would you do that? Well, put together yourself simply because I am going to tremble your entire world right now. I had a harmful spyware and adware infect your own personal computer and record movie of YOU (using your cam) while you browsed 'adult' sites. Here is one of your pass word <deleted> Nevertheless don't believe me? Respond 7 and I'll be randomly share your video clip with 7 people you know (Yes, We have access to your contact list also). At this moment, what can I want to get this to entire thing vanish? Very well, I have already pointed out the actual offer in starting of the message. Should you not fulfill it within Twenty-four hrs, I most certainly will make your life hell by delivering that video to Every person you know. Your time begins now.
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