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11 July 2020 Saturday. 05:18:24 UTC
blackmail scam
United States
This random email address [email protected] sent me an email with a text file. The subject line was a family member's name. I believe they mistook me for them, since the body of the email said "In the attached file there is something interesting for you *family member's name." Here is the content of the text file: Howdy, friendo. There is a specific erotic web page that you have visited just a while ago. Calm down though! You are not the first one to get into this tricky situation, but still there is a chance for a plausible outcome. When you have browsed the site, your browser downloaded the adaware. It is depressing, I know... The adaware registers all actions that you execute on your computer and copies the cookies of websites that you browse. But the most critical part is that our software switches on your web-cam and transfers all your acquaintance list from your mail. Yes, we've got access to your email and all of your social profiles. We have got it already! I actually have got a video, where you are clearly seen exposed and masturbating. If you would like this video to remain in secret, and do not want me to share it with your folk, pals, peers, on popular sites and publications, or on the World Wide Web in general, then there is there is a way around it. Here is the Bitcoin wallet bc1q40xg6juud93mlw3c5mw9lu98c6vdzadauhpe0r you must post 550$ sum. Once I double check the payment of cryptocurrency, I will wipe out the specified stuff, and I will not extort you again. Unless I collect the aforementioned sum within 24 hrs starting from now, I will hand out your outrageous material to your close ones, pals, and fellow workers. On top of that, I will make a funny image out of your videos, and will hand out it on social networks with your face on it. P.S. this electronic address, I have snaffled it. Do not reply to this letter. This is temporary address!
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