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29 June 2021 Tuesday. 12:32:52 UTC
Paragon Finance
There was an advertisement about the company called Paragontrade on Instagram. Said if I invest 250$ I could make good profits, so I deposited. A woman called me and introduced the company and gave me a code which I could connect to a trader about my investment. Mark called me and said he`s a trader, and with his help, I can have big profits but for that, I should deposit more. A couple of days later my capital from 2500€ went to 500€, and I thought I`ll invest more than 600€. No one told me if I want to withdraw my money, I have to have liquidity. After I deposited Mark pushed me to send more money. I borrowed 14000€ from my family and deposited it. My account was growing rapidly, and in April, I asked him to send me money but he never answers me. End of April I realized my account has gone, I contacted him but he didn’t answer. All the conversation with him was through Viber. I sent him a message that I find the amount for my liquidity, and he immediately contacted me and continued our cooperation. He said the website changed to Hackford. I wanted to withdraw my money so I started to push him to let me withdraw, but he always found excuses why not to. I asked him to contact the supervisor and a man called Tom contacted me and pressured me to send 14000€ as liquidity. I didn’t agree with it. I found some excuses to make it longer in order to not lose my account and the connection. They still didn’t give me my money back.
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