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29 June 2020 Monday. 07:16:56 UTC
blackmail scam
United Arab Emirates
Below Mail content I received Visiting questionable sites for adults you may infect ur comp with the virus. You see this text cos u My badware infected your puter therefore you are reading through the msg. The primaryrole of my virus is the activation of your webcam and concealed footage of videos. Ur beat off has been recorded with the help of your webcam and now I am having the bunch of dirt on you and I’m going to share the vid with all ur contacts from ur email. I will give you a possibility to leave this delicate situation and protect your public image. You direct reward for my silence: 0,16 Bitcoin to address bc1qatt70uev5f3zx2vkxl3qrkfcs7srmnz5gfl9sw within twenty four hours after u opened the message (my system will notify me) and I will securely eliminate all ur shocking dirt. U may ignore the demands, then within 48 h all your relatives will see you masturbate. It’s up to you if your prestige means something in the eyes of ur closest people.
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