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16 April 2020 Thursday. 21:25:54 UTC
Christian Klock <[email protected]>
United States
I'm aware ... is your password. I require your attention for the next 24 hrs or I will make you live out of guilt. Your facebook contacts, smartphone contacts, activity in your computer from past 157 days. And this includes self pleasure video footage. The previous time you went to porn webpages, my malware activated inside your computer which shot video of your self pleasure by your cam. In case you think I 'm fooling, reply proof and I will forward the recording to 12 people you're friends with. It might be your friends, co workers, boss, parents. I'm going to make you a 1 time, no negotiable offer. Get USD 2000 in bitcoin and send it to the address: b***c1qc3hftkxez4aa55vs5g0w44zw4eagvu0vq9zz6q [CASE-SENSITIVE, copy and paste, remove *** from it] If you send this, I will vanish and never contact you. I will delete everything. You may proceed living your regular life. You have 1 day. Your time will begin as soon you read this. I have a code that will tell me once you see this
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