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08 June 2022 Wednesday. 19:43:37 UTC
United States
I got awful news just for you. Earlier I got connection to your devices. Following that, I began tracking your actions. I installed a Malware on the os's in all systems which you utilize to get into the net. This software gives me admittance to all your systems. I've uploaded all of your information, pics, and browsing record to my hosts. I have access to all of your files, messengers, social media, contacts, email and so forth. My trojan updates fingerprints & remains invisible to ant-virus applications. Whilst collecting information about you, I found that you are a good lover of grown-up sites and are also enjoying exciting clips whilst experiencing a lot of pleasure. I was able to record some of your filthy moments as you jack off and reach orgasm. If you have any skepticism, I am able to make a few mouse clicks and clips are going to be demonstrated to everyone you know. And also I am able to post all your letters, private images, and your private information on the net. I can ruin your reputation permanently. I do think you actually don't wish this to take place, considering the character of the video you adore to watch, you know what I am talking about, it will be an absolute tragedy in your case. Now let's solve that by doing this: you send me 1200 DOLLARS (in btc corresponding to the trade rate during the time of transfer), and I'll immediately remove all of it. After that, we are going to forget about each other. I also guarantee to deactivate and remove all malware from your systems. Bear in mind I always keep my own word of mouth. You have 2 work days from the moment you view this particular email. Unless you send funds, your video clip and all your details are going to be posted on the Internet for all individuals as well as your loved ones. I'll wreck your reputation permanently.
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