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20 April 2020 Monday. 02:36:18 UTC
blackmail scam
I am aware, ******, is your password. (.....same as the rest who reported....) Would you be able to gaze into anyone's eyes again after it? I doubt it... Nonetheless, doesn't necessarily have to be that way. I want to make you a one time, no negotiable offer. Get $ 2000 in bitcoin and send it to the down below address: b***c1qcl3ghetnz8na5cyh6mp40s3dekmxtw3t5sx74s [case SENSITIVE so copy & paste it, and remove *** from it If you send this 'donation' (we will call it that?). After that, I will disappear for good . and never get in touch with you again. I will remove everything I have got concerning you. You may continue living your current ordinary day to day lifestyle with no stress. You've 1 day in order to do so. Your time starts off as quickly you go through this e-mail. I have an one of a kind code that will alert me once you go through this e mail so don't try to act smart.
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