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28 November 2022 Monday. 18:30:59 UTC
blackmail scam
Greetings, Claiming as an APT hacker member, telling everything about the procedure like they have all our data & can log in to our mail easily. Threatening to spread my explicit data to my company which I'm not even in any XD. Asking for only 1.8 Bitcoin? I don't even have Cryptocurrency, despite their telling me how to figure it out. Usually, big hackers won't be too serious to hack a small amount from a person, but a large company instead. What even silly storytelling to use cobalt strike beacon and jokes. Been 5 days and I didn't counter any problems so far, cuz I didn't even read my email at that time. So, be grateful to who's reaching out to this page. Make sure to always check the ViA (sender mail) to spot the scam. Cheers and have a good day, just ignore that 0-earning hacker. Don't waste your password for such a dummy.
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