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27 February 2023 Monday. 06:04:40 UTC
United States
Mail translated in english Good morning! This is the last warning. Your system has been hacked. All data on your device was copied to our servers. Also, we have recorded a video from your camera in which you are watching a porn movie. My virus infected your device through an adult website that you recently visited. If you don't know how the works, I'll share the details. The Trojan virus gives me complete access and control over the device I'm using. As a result, I can see your full screen and turn on the camera and microphone without you knowing. I captured a video of your screen and device camera and edited a video where one part of the screen shows how you masturbate, and the other part shows a pornographic video that you opened at that moment. I can see the complete list of his contacts from the phone and from all social networks. I can send this video to your entire contact list on your phone, email, and social media with one click. In addition, I can send the data of your emails and messengers to the whole world. In other words, I can destroy your reputation forever.
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