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11 October 2021 Monday. 15:33:40 UTC
TradeLax, FC Trades,
I was contacted on October/16/2020 by Boris Barna on Linkedin to invest with the Tradelax investment firm. And then I was contacted by Laura Bell From FCTrades to invest with her on Linkedin on February/18/2021 That I would receive over 585% in return on my investment and I would be able to retire by the end of this year. Well, this will not be happening and I will probably have to work until I am into my 70s. . They are two different companies but they supposedly were investing in the Bitcoin movement and I was making a lot of money but when I asked to make my withdrawals when things went bad and I lost over $239,000. I have sent most of the money to cryptocurrency wallet addresses. And Tradelax was the only company that used AnyDeek 931 381 396 I was contacted by all the people I have named in the form Tradelax Boris Barna/Andrew Deveraux/ Tyler Robertson/Sean Evans Boris and Sean were the two that all were asked for more money and used AnyDesk with. FCTrades Laura Bell/Lewis Coutee have been my account managers and they have never stopped asking for more money since we have started and I have not received any out from giving them $177,250 and I can't even get my money back. I believe I realized I was scammed when I couldn’t receive my investment back. No more contact.
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