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06 January 2022 Thursday. 02:39:55 UTC
Hello! I don't want to accuse you, besides I do not believe that spanking the monkey to adult sites is pretty awful thing to carry out. But when all your loved ones find out it, it may definitely be terrible. Be aware of what I really want. Recently you've been to some pervert porn site, which is diseased with my drive-by virus. Since you clicked on page, my software has been functioning inside your operating system, and your webcam along with your monitor started capturing all curious things was happening meanwhile. Also, my sneaky program gathered all your contacts from your system and web browser. I've decided to message you on this email address, because as I see, you use it often. And of course, at this time I'd like to keep our secret away from anyone else. So, what's next? I made a pretty interesting movie using materials I had been gathering with your really active assistance. I edited this movie in spectacular way. It simultaneously shows two halves. One half shows capture from your cam, other shows capture of your screen. Hilarious demonstration isn't it? If you'd like me to delete all of this unrecoverly, here is my bitcoin wallet address: BTC: bc1qd9rj05ydrjs9s5xpk4923jdgcnyqz98nfwwalz (it must be without any spaces or =. Make sure you've got it right) If you do not know how to manage with it, you may easily google it, or find many guidances on youtube. It's easy. I assume that 1000 dollars will settle the issue with me. You really have exactly five days since the moment you've opened current notification (I enclosed tracking script in it and actually I see right now you're reading it). You do it and I will disappear from your life. If you greedy enough to waste my time, you will be forfeited your honor. Don't upset me, make this transaction. Otherwise I will share the movie along with the other files with all contacts I've obtained. Forget about cops, I ensure you they could not locate me.
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