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12 May 2022 Thursday. 10:41:59 UTC
blackmail scam
“ Zoe Huynh”
United States
I am actually a Chinese software professional who hacked your OS of your machine. I have already been watching you for quite some time & was able to infect your system with viruses thru the grownup webpage you went to. I down loaded all of the delicate information from your system and actually received some more information. If perhaps you are not acquainted with that, I will clarify. The virus gives me complete accessibility as well as power over your own personal pc or any other machine on your own networking. This signifies that I am able to access all kinds of things on your computer screen, start up your camera and even microphone, plus obtain all your data files. I also have entry to all your contacts along with electronic mails, as well as access to your social media & messenger accounts. Exactly why your anti-virus didn't detect any kind of malware? A: My personal spyware and adware uses a lower-stage device driver constructed into your processor, and I update its signatures every 3 hrs to help keep your own anti-virus hushed. I created a screen recording of you masturbating. On one side of the screen is the video you're currently watching, and on another section is your personal satisfied smile. With 1 mouse click, I am able to post that video clip to all of your connections. And put all of your information over the internet. Given your current info, I can destroy your own name forever. There is no point in switching security passwords, all the data files is been replicated to my very own servers. If you want to remove all collected info, simply transfer 1500 $ (in bitcoin comparable at the swap rate at the time of transfer) My btc address for transaction is: bc1qdawk4ypykld3hcjzv23gzfqq8ej5t0kuhjengt
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