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20 April 2022 Wednesday. 23:56:07 UTC
blackmail scam
United States
I can ruin your life for a long time. I really think you definitely don't need that to happen. Let us resolve it in such a manner: you send me 1400 $ (US dollars) thru Bitcoin equivalent at the time of exchange), and I will right away remove all your data from my machines. Following that, we'll disregard each other. My btc wallet for transaction: bc1qddhaa2qmkesu0jusaqzal45x624vcl4xm29frf Should you not realize how to transmit cash and exactly what btc is. Simply just type in the google search engine "purchase bitcoin". I present you with 3 days to transfer the money. The time launched counting automatically as soon as you opened up this email. I will get a notification when this email is open. Do not attempt to search for aid, as the wallet can not be tracked, e mail the letter is coming from and cannot be tracked either & created digitally, so there isn't any reason for messaging me. Don't make an attempt to get in touch with the police and some other security services, and if you do, your personal information will undoubtedly be revealed. Switching passwords online in social networks, e-mail, and gadgets will not help you, as all the info is already saved to my hosting space. All the best . & don't do something dumb. Think of your future.
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