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27 August 2021 Friday. 07:54:30 UTC
blackmail scam
Malani Molina <[email protected]>
United States
My bitcoin wallet for payment: bc1qdlrukuj95j246ae3c8w44lasjnau298ydg5j3f In case you don't know how to buy and send bitcoins, you can use any modern search engine to find out how. I give you 50 hours (more than two days) to pay. I noticed that this letter was read as well the timer will turn on when you see it. I also promise to deactivate and remove all malware from all devices. That's fair and the price is pretty low considering I've been following your profile for a while now traffic. Don't try to answer me, it's pointless (the sender's address is generated automatically). Filing a complaint doesn't matter anywhere, because this message can't be followed, like mine bitcoin addresses. I'm not wrong. If I discover that you have shared this message with someone else, the video will be distributed immediately. I will destroy your reputation forever and all your information will become public. Good luck!
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