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07 May 2022 Saturday. 05:40:54 UTC
blackmail scam
United States
Quotation from email (I don't have a webcam, lol): Besides onanism, do u have some other hobbies u dedicate that much time to? You surely consider you are a normal human, but I wish to upset u, cuz adequate men do not practice such nasty stuff. Perhaps it might be wise for you to consider the fact that it's worth spending ur lifetime with greater benefit and personally enhance? Your perverse obsession is, obviously, bad, but it's not my job to evaluate your hobbies. I would advise u to pay attention to the safety of ur device, you are one of the few who has awful defense, and just for that reason I was able to gain access to your webcam and download the contact list from your email. There is nothing impossible in my requirements, bc1qdnqjq5kuh807dzj9tk60g3a80efr8dvcyztr5j Bitcoin, 1012 usd I'll give u thirty-eight h, this, I think, should be enough, and ur public image in the sight of people will stay the same. The timer will start as soon as u open this message, I know everything u practice. I swear to send ur video to your contacts in eighty-two hours, if u dare to neglect me. Your efforts to communicate with me or negotiate with me are bound to fail, I am going to delete this electronic address.
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