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28 December 2021 Tuesday. 19:09:56 UTC
darknet market
I got a spam email about this: "We know you're a vulgar and depraved person. And we have all the proof of this! We want to send all your friends, friends and family videos and photos where you bought prohibited materials and information about which groups you are a member of. We can also report about you to the police then you will have real problems with the law We will also send information to various social networks that you are a maniac and a pedophile and will support your photo shoot. But we suggest you pay $ 400 and we will delete all the information about you and you will continue to live in peace, after you pay, we will immediately delete all the information about you that we have! I hope you want to continue living in peace and without problems (If you don't pay $ 400, serious problems await you, all your acquaintances, friends and family will learn about your vulgar affairs, or there will be real problems with the law) Pay $ 400 only in bitcoin cryptocurrency! Bitcoin address: bc1qdruvwr4dmj7dx85kza3tw3dshtq2wjqgy0vgx6 There is a lot of ways to buy bitcoin on the Internet! You will have exactly 48 hours since you read this message to pay money to my bitcoin address Don't write me anything after payment! I will wait 48 hours for us to receive the money, we will immediately delete the information about you! I hope you make the right choice"
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