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20 December 2023 Wednesday. 01:34:38 UTC
Russian 🇷🇺
Urgent Complaint - Cybercriminal Engaged in Crypto Crimes and Fake Crypto Mixer Networks Attention CryptScam Community, I am writing to bring to your immediate attention a grave matter concerning a Russian cybercriminal involved in various cryptocurrency crimes. This individual has created a network of fake Bitcoin mixers, Ethereum mixers, and other cryptocurrency mixer websites, posing as legitimate platforms for money laundering and crypto mixing. However, these websites are designed to deceive users and ultimately steal their funds. The modus operandi of this cybercriminal involves generating his own crypto address on the final page of his fake crypto phishing websites using a script. By doing so, he succeeds in diverting the funds to his crypto address, effectively bypassing any actual mixing or laundering process. Notably, he has targeted unsuspecting victims for years and has managed to accumulate millions of dollars in stolen funds. In relation to Ethereum theft specifically, he transfers the stolen Ethereum to his Ethereum address wallet "0xe67FC443fa1D4927bD9611B8cF50745618b12a04" before ultimately cashing out on Binance. This address has been linked to his illicit activities and serves as evidence of his ongoing criminal endeavors. Further information regarding the extent of his scams and the significant losses suffered by victims can be found at the following link: As a united community committed to combating abuse and protecting the integrity of the crypto space, I implore you to take immediate action against this cybercriminal. I request that you: 1. Investigate the identified Ethereum address and gather any additional evidence that can aid in tracking and apprehending the individual responsible. 2. Share this information with relevant authorities, such as law enforcement agencies and cybersecurity organizations, to accelerate the investigation and ensure appropriate legal measures are taken. 3. Raise awareness within the cryptocurrency community about this cybercriminal's fraudulent activities to prevent further victims from falling prey to his scams. 4. Collaborate with other platforms and communities to amplify efforts in tracking and stopping this individual's malicious operations. By collectively working together, we can actively combat cryptocurrency crimes, protect innocent users from financial harm, and uphold the trust and integrity of the crypto ecosystem. I urge the CryptScamCommunity to prioritize this matter and take swift and decisive action to bring this Russian cybercriminal to justice. Let us send a clear message that crypto crimes will not go unpunished, and those perpetrating such offenses will face the full force of our united efforts. Thank you for your attention to this critical issue, and I hope for your immediate action and continued dedication to maintaining a safe and secure cryptocurrency environment. Here are some more crypto addresses and domains which belong to this individual: 0x1bac08001d761c303901d5e32273a24c07d3f3da Ethereum: 0xe67fc443fa1d4927bd9611b8cf50745618b12a04 Ethereum: 0x9c5ADF966d3e6Ca8fE859D2a71083728de7cA10e Ethereum: 0x2dC905b2b066B875De1F3030849435C01f27aFDB Bitcoin: 1HtV8k2Pj4y5bRR1NbjF2uEq8DZjJF2pJk , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and there are much more.
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