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25 October 2020 Sunday. 13:07:11 UTC
blackmail scam
[email protected] , the abuser remains unidentified for now.
The owner of this bitcoin address has stolen and holds for ransom confidential patient information from the database of a Finnish psychotherapy company, Vastaamo. The owner of the address is blackmailing the therapy company and myriads of psychotherapy patients with their confidential and extremely sensitive information via email. He or she is publicizing the patient info of 200 or more patients every day in the darknet. The owner of this bitcoin address is under investigation by the National Bureau of Investigation of Finland and the crime is high profile in our country. From every patient, the blackmailer demands the amounts of bitcoin which variate from 200-500 Euros in value, and from the company, the blackmailer has demanded 450 000 euros worth of Bitcoin. Here is the link to the website of the bureau in charge of the investigation: You can find the contact info of the bureau on the website in question. Currently, there are thousands, if not more, therapy patients in serious distress in Finland. Among the clientele of Vastaamo, there are for example a lot of abuse victims, suicidal patients, and seriously traumatized patients. This blackmail-shitshow will most likely result in several suicides. Therefore I appeal to you to close the account as soon as possible. If you have any kind of information about the blackmailer, could you please inform the Finnish police (The National Bureau of Investigation) about it? Thank you in advance.
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