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14 February 2019 Thursday. 10:39:43 UTC
blackmail scam
United Kingdom
Hello, Hope you actually don't really mind my english language grammar, since im from Philippines. I toxified your machine with a virus and now have all of your personal info from your computer system. It was established on a mature page and then you have selected the video clip, clicked on it, my application immediately got into your system. Next, your camera documented you wank, also i documented a footage that you've looked at. After a short while additionally, it pulled out every one of your social contact info. If u want me to clear off your all that i possess - transmit me 670 us in bitcoin its a cryptocurrency. It's my btc wallet number : 151cxHxozPEvsUJ7PWGARjQEJ72N3BQePJ At this point you have 22 hrs. to make a decision As soon as i will get the transaction i will get rid of this video and everything thoroughly. Or else, you should be sure that the video would be forwarded to your friends.
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