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13 January 2021 Wednesday. 11:59:05 UTC
Strongex Ltd
Jack McMillan called me from the UK.He convinced me to set up a trading account on their website,made my first deposit of $250.Sofia Michelle from Cyprus called me and introduce herself as my broker,said help me to make a huge profit from trades.Said my account is already over 300€,she requires me to setup an account on Binance order to withdraw my profits and that it could be safe to deposit money from.She convince me to deposit more money.She promised huge profits in short time and that I won`t lose anything.Tom Spencer called me,introduce himself as Sofia`s manager,he wanted me to change my package to Gold so that I can make better profit.I said I don’t have money.All the trades what Sofia convinced me to purchase went down 30% over a week,days later she contacted me and said I made a huge loss on the chart and warned me that I’m reaching the leverage of liquidation.Tom called me later and said he saved my account and he sked me to use Anydesk to show me the trades.Told me I have to put money quickly to bring the level back otherwise ill loose my account with all my investment.I deposit more money,after it seemed I’m making profits again.He said the company cover the loss from their insurance.I need to pay in addition $5000.Sofia called me after Tom and said $5000 was a wrong figure and I have to add $10.000 for the insurance cover and it will be guaranteed that I get my money back with all the profits I have.She contacted me via WhatsApp and said the next day the company will withdraw my money total of 72000AUD.The next day I transferred the money I put all my money from my account I left without nothing.I sent the money they called me and said there was some mistakes and I need to put further $10000 as my account is a high-risk account.My account by that time showed minimum loss and healthy leverage.I requested to withdraw my remaining money from my account.Tom told me if I don’t put further $10000 I wont get my money back.I trapped with a total of 35000AUD.
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