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22 November 2023 Wednesday. 06:58:58 UTC
scammer/abuser & - (Boom Change)
The bitcoin address "1Dgc3h8caaJKEBRyrLgovwQWudxmDXmKiK" has been identified as the new deposit wallet address for victims of a scam associated with the website "". This wallet address is used by scammers to receive funds from unsuspecting individuals who have fallen victim to the fraudulent activities of Boomchange. & are known for its involvement in various scam operations related to cryptocurrency transactions. They falsely claim to provide reliable exchange services and promise lucrative returns on investments. However, numerous users have reported that Boomchange engages in deceptive practices, such as manipulating exchange rates, delaying or denying withdrawals, or even stealing funds altogether. These unethical activities have resulted in significant financial losses for individuals who have trusted Boomchange with their investments. To further understand the extent of Boomchange's fraudulent activities, it is recommended to visit the BitcoinTalk forum thread dedicated to discussing this matter in detail. The thread can be found at the following link:
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