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07 February 2019 Thursday. 11:29:39 UTC
Hello, Expect you actually do not really mind my language grammar, since i am from Denmark. I contaminated your machine with a virus and now have your personal files from your operating system. It previously was set up on an adult site and after that you have selected the movie, it, my program instantly got into your computer. Then simply, your web-camera started to record you wank, on top of that i documented a vid that you've viewed. Just after some time furthermore, it pulled out all your device contacts. If you would like me to remove your all that i possess - send me 480 euros in bitcoin it is a crypto-currency. Its my btc account number : 1M8jXUEsGbANppBinzeYY9aB4rVtaPEL6P At this point you will have 26hrs. to make up your mind The moment i will receive the transfer i am going to eliminate this movie and everything thoroughly. In any other case, please be sure that your evidence will be sent to all of your friends.
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