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13 January 2021 Wednesday. 00:01:28 UTC
I found this broker on Facebook who told me that he is dealing with crypto mining and he said that if I invested 100$ I would get 1000$ return. Then he said that he generated more than that on that platform and before withdrawing I had to pay a 500$ upgrade fee to proceed with my withdrawal which we never agreed in advance. I refused to pay that as he never mentioned it before. After that he convinced me and assured me that I would get my profits after paying that fee. After I paid it I received further emails from that platform that I had to pay a service fee of 200$ for which I was really annoyed as I hadn’t seen any returns so far. Then he said he would transfer the btc and he sent me a screenshot of a completed transfer to my wallet and started asking this 200$. I was then obvious that it was all a scam as I never received anything from him. I told him that I would pay this fee of 200$ once the btc was in my wallet and he said that the transaction would be cancelled unless I would pay this 200$ first. He kept on playing this game and he told me that I would lose everything if I wouldn’t pay that 200$ and that he is legal and that I would lose the case even if I take it to court. I obviously couldn’t trust paying him more money so now I want to report this man and this platform to claim back my money and prevent him from scamming more people. The whole conversation was on whatsapp and I have more than adequate full details to support all this evidence.
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