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27 November 2018 Tuesday. 12:51:27 UTC
blackmail scam
Hackszed <[email protected]>
United States
I have this password as well as all of your other security passwords for the reason that one of the many mature internet sites you visit was inserted with one of my trojans and it infected your system. I have now been checking you for a very long period of time now. I also downloaded every one of your data files, info, contacts and accounts. Occasionally i also initiated your web cam whilst you checked out adult internet sites. I saved lots of video clips and took a few snapshots of you "taking pleasure in yourself" on these online websites. You can adjust online passwords or do no matter what you want, my trojan viruses will continuously grant me complete accessibility to your device. Don't be afraid, keep on reading and i will inform you how to handle it. You'll find 2 things that you are able to do now:
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