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21 November 2019 Thursday. 13:31:15 UTC
blackmail scam
Email Subject: Caution! Hacker attack on your account! Content: Hello! I am a hacker who has access to your operating system. ... The fact is that you were infected with malware through an adult site that you visited. ... I made a video showing how you satisfy yourself in the left half of the screen, and in the right half you see the video that you watched. ... I can send this video to all your emails and contacts on social networks. I can also post access to all your e-mail correspondence and messengers that you use. ... transfer the amount of $500 to my bitcoin address (if you do not know how to do this, write to Google: "Buy Bitcoin"). My bitcoin address (BTC Wallet) is: 3B37JQbTd7f16EsdzdJySJnUuNUqHVtbaK After receiving the payment, I will delete the video and you will never hear me again. I give you 50 hours (more than 2 days) to pay. ....
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