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14 January 2022 Friday. 11:52:26 UTC
Neuer Capital, N Capital Group, Crypto Pay In
I opened an account on Neuer Capital, days later an account manager John Flores contacted me and told me to communicate through WhatsApp. He asked me about my experience in trading but I told him I have no experience and he said he`ll help me with everything I don’t have to worry about anything and he will trade on my behalf. Then, John handed me over to Shane Dupree who become my account manager. I had signed contracts for a Managed Trading Account. In may the company changed its name and the website to N Capital Group. During my trading times, I have been contacted by several account managers and support from the company: Shane Dupree (Senior Account Manager), Michelle Klein (Neuer Capital Compliance Department), May Beck (Neuer Capital Compliance Department), John Flores (Account Manager), Shane Dupree (Senior Account Manager). Shane promised me 30-40% profit for each month using his Algorithm. They told me I can withdraw my money whenever I want (takes 3-7 business days) and risk is not involved. I made a request for a withdraw of $8000, which I never received, and now my found of $525.000 now apparently in a blockchain. Dupree said I have to make a payment of $61.000-63.000 in order to receive my money. They were always pushing me to deposit more money in order to get better trades and bigger amounts, and they asked me to make all my payments through BTC. I had to also sign a contract with them. Later Shane messaged me said that N capital group was going bust and he was fearful that N Capital would not pay out the amount, he was going to liquidate my account and transfer the money to a blockchain, in order to protect my funds. As far as I am aware, the account was not transferred elsewhere. The only people trading on my behalf were John Flores initially, and subsequently Shane Dupree. I started to feel the company is a scam as soon as I asked for a withdraw and they asked for more payments from me.
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