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22 November 2023 Wednesday. 12:25:00 UTC
scammer/abuser & xmr-qr-code-gene &
Crypto users, please be aware of a fraudulent individual named "cryptofbi007" who has created multiple fake crypto QR code generator websites, including "", "", and "". These websites generate only the scammer's own QR codes, directing funds to their Monero (XMR) address: 84gHdF7rArqU6e9cbmfPi9iJR2QUU7CoX1XJEvAmQWXmSUkj3C3LVLW3ioHiqNc8iwGPcxCv5Fk13ZYk9fxQFLKuKEW54r6 Saved archive of the phishing website with fraudsters Monero address: This phishing scam works by deceiving users into sending their cryptocurrency to the scammer's wallet through a QR code, resulting in significant financial losses in form of cryptocurrency. The operator, who poses as "cryptofbi007" on websites like GitHub, manipulates and social engineers hosting and domain teams to avoid the suspension of these phishing websites. They accomplish this by altering the functionality of the websites whenever a report is received. They even spam repositories in an attempt to unblock their malicious domains and further exploit innocent individuals. Please exercise extreme caution and refrain from engaging with any QR code generator websites associated with "cryptofbi007". To help protect our community, report any instances or suspicious activities related to these scams. The operator is known to use the following email addresses: [email protected] [email protected] And is known to use GitHub under this account: Furthermore, please note that the operator of this phishing scam is believed to be Russian and has previously operated fake Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum QR code generator websites such as "", "" and "". These websites generate the scammer's Bitcoin address: 18gcvrjDju719nQNXhJxRAaw25Vj6M6i4W Stay vigilant and spread awareness among the crypto community. Do not fall victim to these malicious schemes. By working together, we can protect one another and create a safer environment for crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Stay safe.
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